What Parents Need to Know About Fluoride Varnish?

This goes without saying, the overall health of your child depends to a certain degree based on the condition of their gums and teeth. That is why it is very crucial to incorporate good dental habits right from the very beginning. Opting for regular dental checkups in kids dentistry is a good start. That is why we have curated this article offering you the right assistance when it comes to getting fluoride varnish treatments for your child. 

What is Fluoride Varnish? 

Fluoride Varnish is a particular segment of dental treatment that is used for preventing tooth decay and cavities. There are even instances where it can slow down the progress of tooth decay and even completely stop them. Made out of the mineral fluoride, the varnish helps in strengthening the outer coating of the teeth (enamel.)

It is imperative to understand that Fluoride Varnish is not the ultimate solution to fighting cavities. A healthy, regular dental care routine plays an important role as well. Make sure that your child brushes their teeth on a regular basis followed by flossing as well as taking a healthy diet. And lastly, visit the pediatric dentist after a certain interval of time. 

Importance of Fluoride Varnish

As stated earlier, Fluoride varnishes are extremely effective in protecting your teeth and even prevent tooth decay to a certain extent. And the best thing above all, Fluoride varnishes can be applied even two to four times in a year. So, based on how often your child tends to get a cavity, you can visit the dentist accordingly. 

The overall treatment is completely seamless as well. It is simply smeared over the teeth while intercepting small cavities. In fact, a few applications of the Fluoride varnish actually help your teeth to remineralize. It can strengthen the cavities to such an extent that you won’t even need any filling whatsoever. 

Is it Safe to Use Fluoride Varnish? 

No matter how compelling the idea of Fluoride varnish might soon, one of the biggest concerns pertains is that is it safe to use? And the easiest answer is YES! In fact, Fluoride varnishes are recommended by dentists throughout the world in order to fight against cavities. 

As for the treatment, a very little amount of Fluoride is actually used during the treatment ensuring that it is not swallowed by children. And upon application, the varnish harden’s right away. In fact, children enjoy the taste of Fluoride varnish, as its taste is kept palatable for the treatment. For some brands, the teeth sometimes might appear yellow, but it usually goes away with the first brush. 

Fluoride Varnish Care Tips 

Bear in mind that Fluoride varnish treatment actually comes with certain guidelines that need to be followed by its initial application. Here are some of the most basic tips, but make sure to follow the instructions given by your dentist as well. 

  • For the majority of the time, food can be consumed right after Fluoride varnish is applied to the teeth. But make sure to avoid taking any hot food or beverages for the time being. Cold liquids and warm foods are often recommended. 
  • You need to wait for at least 4 to 6 hours before you let your child brush their teeth. By the time of brushing, make sure your child spits out everything, as there might remain some residue from the Varnish. 

The Bottom Line 

Based on the metrics set by the American Academy of Pediatrics, you should always take your infant for kids’ dentistry by the time they are six months old or when the sift tooth starts to appear. Fluoride Varnish ensures that your child’s teeth remain healthy right from the beginning. 

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