Essential Ways to Tame Your Child’s Sweet Tooth

Well, kids indeed love sweets.

Did you ever wonder why kids love sweets so much? They have an innate liking for sweetness due to mother’s milk having the same taste, it makes them feel right at home. 

But at the same time, encouraging your child to eat sweets at an early age would harm their health. If you introduce your toddler to varieties of food then you can expect him to eat the same as he grows.

Regular intake of added sugar is a big no from kids dentistry. Oftentimes, it can lead to health issues including obesity, heart diseases, an increase in blood sugar levels, and many more.

Many parents struggle with their children’s over-eating habits. Let’s look at some of the effective ways to tame your child’s sweet tooth. 

1) Refresh Their Breakfast Routine 

Even if your kid has not faced any health issues so far. That doesn’t mean you can let them eat sweets all the time. Reduce their sweet intake by 25%. They might have a hard time doing so but if you encourage them then they would start adapting healthy eating habits within no time. 

Maintain a balanced diet for your infant. You can include eggs, fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, and dairy products in their daily breakfast. Make them eat whole food instead of the packaged ones. 

Instilling healthy eating habits in your children can be challenging but you can try different healthy recipes that your kids would love. 

2) Keep Beverages Simple 

As suggested in pediatric dentistry, overconsumption of beverages can have an adverse effect on your child’s teeth. On the contrary, encourage them to drink water. 

If they don’t like having water then you can replace it with healthy alternatives like coconut water, naturally flavored juice, and certain smoothies. There are a wide variety of healthy drinks you can offer to your little ones.  

It is acceptable that your kid can have sugary drinks once a week but regular consumption can have a bad impact on their health. Prevention is better than cure. 

3) Do not Forbid but Do Control

It’s not that you stopped giving any sugary foods to your kids. Giving them in minimal quantity won’t have much impact on their health. Children’s bodies do need sugar but they can get it from fruits and vegetables. Our body requires no added sugar to function. 

We need to make them understand the harmful effects added sugar has on their body. Instead of keeping sugary snacks at home, you can fill the refrigerator with healthy fruits for your children’s strong teeth. 

Even if our kids ask for sugary food, we can give them in a small amount. That way, we can satisfy their sugar cravings as well as keep them healthy. 

4) Avoid Giving Them Sugary Treats During Special Occasion 

Most of the time we celebrate special occasions offering them sugary treats. That might be the reason they are unable to fight their sugar cravings. 

Be a little creative. You can make a super easy dessert at home which the kids are going to drool over. 

Try different recipes so that your kid doesn’t get bored. 

5) Avoid Rewards with Sugar 

We tend to treat our children with candies whenever they excel in their studies or do great in sports. This applies to both home and schools. Instead of giving them sweets, you can offer them nutritious food and healthy drinks. 

Become Your Kid’s Super Dentist

Actively looking out for your child’s sugar consumption is the first step towards putting a leash on a sweet tooth. All the above-mentioned tips are often suggested by kids’ dentistry. So, keep track and you are always good to go. 

Published by Mint Kids Dentistry

Mint Kids Dentistry is one of the best pediatric dental clinic in Bellevue, WA. Our aim is to instill good dental habits early and create a dental experience that prepares kids for a lifetime of healthy dental visits and happy smiles.

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