Are Dental X-Rays Safe for Your Child?

Dental X-rays are pictures of your teeth that help the dentist to monitor the overall health of your teeth. Many parents might be worried about the risks included with dental x-rays. You don’t want your little ones to get exposed to the radiation from x-ray at an early age.

On the bright side, dental x-rays are extremely safe for your children. Still, you cannot be certain of the procedure and it’s normal to panic. So, we would like to guide you on the matter and provide the necessary information you need to know before the procedure.

Why Does My Child Need Dental X-Ray? 

Well, when your kid goes through any teeth-related issues then you would opt for pediatric dentistry. At first, the dentist would do a visual examination but sometimes it doesn’t help. In such cases, a dental x-ray becomes necessary to look for signs of decay and other diseases. 

A dental x-ray would show the following: 

  • Bone abnormalities. 
  • Infections and fractures. 
  • Areas of decay. 
  • Cysts and solid growths (tumors). 
  • Overbite/ underbite issues. 
  • Cavities. 

Benefits of Dental X-Ray? 

With dental loupes, the dentist can only examine the outer surface of your teeth. So, what if they want to examine the underneath of your teeth? In such cases, dental radiograph (commonly known as dental x-ray) is a must. It is apparent that your child would be exposed to low radiation levels but they aren’t harmful at all. 

Let’s look at some of the benefits it offers: 

  • Sometimes, your child might feel tenderness or pain when eating or drinking something hot, cold, or sweet. These may be the symptoms of cavities or tooth decay. Hence, your little ones need to go through the procedure to find if they have tooth decay or not. If early detected then you can take the necessary steps immediately.
  • It also helps to detect other tooth-related issues including infections and bone abnormalities. 
  • If detected early then the kid’s dentist can take the required measures for your dental problem. They can plan the treatment before it gets worse. 

Type of Dental X-Rays and What Can They Detect? 

There are several types of x-ray, each having its own purpose. Looking at your symptoms the dentist can perform any of these. 


Bitewing monitors the upper and lower teeth. If your child has cavities and if your teeth are showing signs of decay then the dentist would perform bitewing. 


The periapical x-ray would show details from the crown to the root. This x-ray is done to detect if there are any changes in the root and surrounding bone structure. 


The entire arch of teeth can be shown with this type of x-ray. It helps to identify jaw fractures, find extra teeth and tumors. 


A panoramic x-ray shows the entire jaw area. Generally, this x-ray is performed when planning treatment for dental implants and detecting jaw problems.


Cephalometric would analyze the entire part of the head in connection with your teeth and jaw. Once the procedure is over the dentist would plan the treatment.

Kids do have to go through x-rays more than adults because their teeth are still developing and they are more susceptible to dental issues.

As a parent, you never want to expose them to harmful radiation but with modern technology, you can rest assured the procedure is completely safe.

How Do We Decide? 

With the right consultation at Kids Dental Clinic ensures that your child’s first dental x-ray is 100% safe. It’s completely normal for parents to get worried. But it can turn out to be good just the opposite of what you’ve expected.

To avoid the procedure, the best thing you can do is encourage smart eating habits in your children.

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